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The origin story and why the extension was built.

We shouldn't do
screentime at bedtime,
but... we do!

Hey, we get it...

I go to sleep nightly watching something, and have done so for years. It's just my routine now.

Usually, I'm out like a light before long. But, there were a few things that always bugged me.

Suddenly... I'm awake!

While it might be effective for me at "switching off", invariably at some point a loud noise in the video will often wake me up.

I've always wanted a sleep timer like TV's used to have(perhaps still do?)

To our knowledge,
it's not like any other
sleep timer extension!

Stopping videos on YouTube is great and all but...

Before I decided to make Sleepyhead, the extensions I found all seemed to do the same thing(and just one thing).

I needed more!

Yeah... simply stopping a YouTube video works, but I don't always watch YouTube at bedtime. What about all the other streaming services out there?

Rethinking the problem.

Sleepyhead works with any website or streaming service because when a timer runs out, a seperate page is loaded instead of stumbling around the code of the website trying to find the stop button.

Some niceties
would be nice...
Let's get clever

Quiet then loud, quiet then loud...

When testing Sleepyhead I realized that the main goal for the extension could actually go a bit further.

Softer is nicer...

I decided to build in an optional feature named Sound Softener to add even more value to the extension. It reduces the loudest sounds, giving a more consistant volume.

Darker and more red!

Computers have gotten pretty good nowadays with their brightness and night mode adjustments. But more is better! So I also built in an optional setting called Sleep Shift, that has additional brightness and red shift controls.

Add it to your browser

Create a sleep timer before going to bed, and get a more restful sleep. Hit the back button in the morning to continue where you left off.